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I am interested in creating animations from multiple photographs. This is called stop-motion photography. These are all able to be viewed from my Youtube Channel, as well as from this page. There are other video clips on my Youtube channel - I would encourage you to visit and possibly add me as a contact on Youtube. I am intersted in seeing what other people are up to. Any feedback or tips will be more than welcome. I am new to this creative medium but am enjoying the ability to create these clips and hear peoples thoughts on them. If you like the clip, please leave feedback on the youtube page! 

Homework Diary & The Red Tide

This animation was created from photographs taken of my srandard 5 homework diary. Each frame/page was photographed and the animation created from the picture sequences. I kept the diary because of the many 'flip cartoons' enclosed within, however I have not until now, been able to share them with anyone. I approached a friend of mine if I would be allowed to include his backing track. The backing music is by The Red Tide, produced by Alleycat Music.
The outcome is an interesting animation which I can watch over and over again.
There are several older gifs I created before creating this Youtube video. These are able to be seen here.

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Martin Went to Dublin. Stopmotion Beer Drinking

I went to Dublin. Here is a short video made from a bunch of photos I took, as well as from an audio and video clip from one of the pubs I visited.

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From the Fort to the Castle_Copenhagen

This animation was made during my stay in Copenhagen. I was camping in a fort on the coast and while lying in my sleeping-bag one morning I decided that it would be a good day to visit the castle and capture my trip with photographs. I took the multitude of photos and began creating the animation at the coffee shop neighbouring the Castle. I recorded my footsteps with a dictaphone and included it in the animation. I really enjoyed how this started off as just a thought, and ended up with a finished creation. I hope you enjoy it!

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