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Product Design 

These are some of my personal designs, and freelance design projects...  

Dip Pen designed by Martin Bolton
Dip Pen

This design has been uploaded on my other website - Jozi Design. I decided to design and manufacture my own around an existing nib. This design incorporates a standard available component (the nib) and the re-implementation of waste material (copper tubing) in its assembly.

Smiley Face Lamp
:) Lamp = Smile Lamp

This lamp is the first of a set of three different mood lights based around a ‘smiley faces’ or ‘emoticons’. Design has been uploaded on my other website - Jozi Design. 

Fifa bottle opener thumb
FIFA Bottle Openers

A set of bottle openers which were designed for a Johannesburg based merchandise company. All finalised designs were sent in for approval by FIFA, after which they were manufactured and distributed in licensed FIFA supply stores during the SA 2010 Soccer World Cup.

fashion stencil thumb
Fashion Design Stencil (Neckling Shaper Guide)

Handheld transparent stencils used within the fashion industry. These were developed around an existing design which is no longer available.

inkomazi thumb
Maas Maas (Inkomazi) Lampshade

Hanging lampshade design constructed from multiple profiles cut from the iconic South African INKOMAZI dairy product packaging.

Pencil Block 2

Desktop stationary organiser constructed from lasercut profiles of waste cardboard. The cardboard is from Heineken beer packaging.  Profiles are bonded together to form a solid block, in which pencils or pens can rest.

Guitar Stand

This is a custom designed and manufactured bass-guitar stand. It was a one-off item for a Johannesburg based client. The outcome is a interesting, robust and suitable to batch production.

Vhembe water filter
Vhembe Filter [Rural Water Filter]

For my MTech project at the University of Johannesburg, I developed the design of a low cost water filter for use within the rural areas of South Africa. This design, and the linked research has been presented in South Africa, Ireland, Denmark and the United States of America. Furthermore it was credited with an award in the Good Design Awards 2009 in the Energy Systems category. These design awards are presented and hosted by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design, and the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies. This is an International Design Competition “The world's top corporations win over 500 prestigious good design™ awards setting the highest standard for the best, most advanced product designs, branding, and graphics for 2009.”

ANC Cardboard Chair Thumb
ANC Cardboard Chair

I designed and constructed a cardboard chair manufactured out of standard double fluted cardboard. I chose to brand it with the ANC logo and colours. This chair is designed to be manufactured using die-cutting as the main process, with the graphics able to be screen printed. It was exhibitted the Decorex expo in  2005.

bottle opener thumb
Lasercut Bottle Opener

Various lasercut bottle openers. These are cut from sheet stainless steel and polished/vibratory cleaned to remove sharp edges and burrs. 

speaker thumb
Computer Speaker

I was required to design a USB powered PC speaker set which was to house existing components from a purchased speaker. This was a university project culminating in a working prototype created utilising rapid prototyping technology.

earmuff thumb
STIHL Earmuffs

I was required to design a set of earmuffs for the large company STIHL. The earmuffs were to be designed for mass production, and priced competitively against existing units.

salad server thumb
Salad Servers

A salad server set submitted to the Carrol Boyes METAL competition in 2007. It was selected to form part of the travelling exhibition, which visited seven cities between July and November in 2008.

Tyre stool thumb
Tire Stool

A stool created from found objects. In this case a drag-racing tire, chipboard, foam, and a section from a  PVC billboard advertisment.

MDF stool thumb
MDF Stool

I designed and fabricated a stool out of MDF offcuts which I obtained from a design and manufacture company. These offcuts would otherwise have been discarded.

dog lamp
Dog Lamp

A desktop lamp which I made from a beer-can goose-neck lamp which I found at the local charity shop, and a base made from wood off-cuts.

Pencill Block Thumb
Pencil Block

A pencil block created from a piece of scrap wood. This is a simple design has created functionality from a piece of material which would otherwise have been discarded.

scooter thumb
Wooden Push Scooter

A wooden push scooter for children, to be used for temporary transport /as a toy, constructed mainly out of wood.

filter fridge thumb
Filter Fridge Competition Entry

A combined low cost water filter, and evaporative cooled fridge. This was a competition entry to the Next Generation student design competition, an international student design competition.

elastic car thumb
Elastic Powered Car
An elastic powered car was designed, fabricated and finished in bright colours. It was able to travel a distance of roughly 15m before coming to a stop.

This list is continually growing...

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