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Digital Photo Editing

Utilising digital eding software, one can manipulate photographs to acieve any desired outcome. As shown below there are several examples of work which I have undertaken using digital editing.

Touch-up and colour manipulation

The first example is the row of spray bottles shown below. The image on the far left was found on the internet and altered to be included in a proposed product catalogue. The first step was to touch up the bottle and add a slight reflection. Therafter the colour of the containg liquid needed to be altered to illustrate the different options which will be available.

Digital manipulation of water spray bottle image

Deep Etching and colour manipulation

This example shows how colour manipulation and deep etching can be used in the same image. I was required to not only deep etch the image to ready it for inclusion in a product catalogue, I was also required to alter the intensity of the green, as well as edit the material colour to all look the same hue of blue. 
Deep etching and colour manipulation

Manipulation of surface texture, material and colour

Utilising the two source images, I created the illustration showed below. Using the form of the blue material sample in Source Image 1, and the wool material sample in Source Image 2, I needed to create three different illustrated material options. The blue material was left as-is for the top material sample. The second one was done by cutting the wool out (in the digital realm), and covering the entire shape of the blue form. For the final yellow sample, I needed to create a finer 'weave' than the blue cloth. This was done by editing the blue material to achieve a tighter weave. The colour was digitally altered to achieve the yellow. Note the final image relied only on the Source Images below.
Material part

Image outcome.


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