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Fashion Design Stencil (Neckling Shaper Guide)


Design and manufacture of stencils for use in the Department of Fashion Design at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. I was given a sketch of a type of stencil that lecturers used to use, but these stencils are no longer available for purchase.

I developed the design within the computer environment, based on the layout and measurements of the supplied drawing. I then had the stencils lasercut from thin transparent acrylic sheeting. This allows for the person using the stencil to see the material which is underneith. The guidelines and measurement lines are included onto the underside of the plastic. These graphics were screen printed with black ink.

This was a bach manufactured item and is currently being used by various Fashion Design students and lecturers within the Department of Fashion and Clothing Management at the University of Johannesburg. 


fashion design stencil

image of initial drawing

drawing next to stencil

close up of laser cut acrylic

close up of laser cut acrylic

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