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Graphic Work 

Below I will include a collection of graphic work. This will include digital manipulation of photographs, vectorising of images (preparing a jpeg for vinyl cutting, lasercutting etc), Deep-etching of photographs for product catalogues, graphic design work, and several graphic works out of interest utilising both hand and digital mediums. For now there are only a few items which I carried through from my previous version of my website. I will upload more work once I have finished sorting through it.

Deep Etching thumb
Deep Etching [Various]

Deep etching is a process whereby a digital image is prepared for inclusion into a product catalogue. The images are mostly digital photographs. However, digital renderings may also be prepared. This section includes work which I have done regarding this process of deep etching.

Editing Thumb
Freelance Digital Photo Editing [Various]

Herewith I have included digital edited images in preparation for printed media. The images have been adjusted/ altered with regards to brightness, contrast, colour, hue and surface texture. Several have also been deep etched.

darkness thumb
Face 1

I drew this face with pen & ink and created the tonal variations with grey Copic markers. I really like this drawing and have edited it digitally into an ascii poster which is printable on A1.

darkness ascii thumb
Face 2

An ascii artwork which I created from Face 1. The basic image was created using a free downloaded ascii generator which calculates the ascii pattern. The image was finished using Corel Photopaint.

fish with flower
Angler fish

Every rose has its thorn. This is one of my favourite drawings. It is many underlying meanings. 

crash test dummy thumb
Face 3

This is a drawing which I created recently which I think is pretty interesting. I did it using pencil, pen & ink, Copic Markers and whice acrylic.

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