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Maas Maas (Inkomazi) Lampshade

inkomazi title

Through the re-implementation of discarded cardboard beverage packaging, an interesting, fully functional low-cost and flat-packable lamp shade has been designed which relies on no extra fastening systems other than a standard hanging light bulb fitting and associated components. Due to the chosen waste material being the iconic South African INKOMAZI dairy product packaging, a lampshade is created with a white interior, reflecting the light emitted from the housed energy efficient CFL light bulb, and a warmly colourful and patterned exterior with the naive staring eyes of the INKOMAZI brown cows.

This concept originated during a trip to the rural areas within the Venda region of South Africa. It was observed that a household used a waste glass peanut butter jar as a 'porch light'. I found this interesting and look to find new uses for waste material.

Not only is this design decreasing the amount of waste being thrown into the waste system, but it may prove to stimulate the development of many other similar products hopefully creating an awareness of re-use or re-implementation rather than waste creation.


inkomazi carton

shade in dark room

inkomazi graphic

Inkomazi Carton Profiles

Closeup of inkomazi profiles

Profiles interlock without any adhesive

Complete Shade

Interior of shade

assembled lamp showing interior of shade

exterior of shade with light on

possible fitting covering facade

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