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Knife Bottle Opener

This was done as an added feature to the folding knife which I used to keep on my person until I unfortunately lost it. You can see that it was a very simple thing to do, as the body of the knife comprised of alternating layers of aluminium and stainless steel. The surface detailing was just an added extra because it looked as though the knife was trying to bite the bottle top off of the bottle.

The problem at hand
The bottle needs to be opened...

Cutting the template
Creating a profile, to test the shape.

profile of the cut
Testing the developmental model

looks like teeth
It lookes like it had teeth

cutting through the knife body
I cut through the body with a hacksaw, and filed the edges

detail of the cut
A detail view shows a chamfer around the edge. Hence, no sharp edges

finished cut
The finised knife, with some graphics too

now it has teeth
There, a knife which can open a beer

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