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My father used to brew his own beer back in the day, it was called Bolton's Best Brew, "BBB". Myself and two of my friends decided to try this and have formed and tripod of beer brewing wonder. This we have called MCGB, Martin, Craig and Gareth Brewing.

black and white image of an mcgb bottle
One quart of MCGB bitters

We experiment with home brewed beer and all that goes with it. Some kit beers, and some traditional beers. We have found that the most powerful brew we have tried yet is an alcoholic traditional gingerbeer recipe. If you are in town and would like to have a taste or thrice, get in contact with me and we can make a plan.

mcgb gingerbeer one liter
One liter of MCGB 'ninja beer'  

"Damn the nina beer is potent... lives up to its name...
when you have some, everyone else moves so fast like they're ninjas...
crazy crazy... but so awesome!!!!" [ Gareth ]

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