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Old mini

This was my first motorcar. I bought whilst in my final year of high school and began undertaking the largest workshop project I have ever completed. After purchasing the car, the drive home was very shaky, with the engine not fully attached to the sub-frame and body.

mini photo

Completed mini

The following is the sequence of steps undertaken to get the motorcar to the state it is above. All work was undertaken by myself in my garage. This included the interior, the exterior bodywork, preparation for spraying and spraying. I apologise for the quality of several of the photographs upfront. This work took place over roughly a twelve month period.

mini parked in garage

The car was parked in the garage in the spot where it remained until completion.

stripping of the interior

The interior of the car was stripped. Luckily the layout and simplicity of the car allowed for this to easily be undertaken.

Car lifted up onto blocks

The car was supported by blocks and the dismantling began.


You can notice the central dial, this is one of the beautiful features of the car. I was told that it was placed in the center as it allowed for minimal manufacture alterations to adapt the car for left and right handed countries.

began primering the boot lid

You can see that the entire car has been sanded and the body panels are ready to be sprayed. I began spraying the boot lid (right), as it was a small area and allowed for me to get used to the automotive primer.

Spray job complete

The spray-job completed. I sprayed the majority of the car a bright green. The roof and stripes on the bonnet I sprayed an off-white called 'old english white'.

Completed mini

The completed mini. I used this for the first three years of university and installed a car sound system which was very enjoyable.


You can see that I mounted the radio underneath the dash. I tried to keep the interior as simple as possible. The gear knob was a golf ball, and foot mats were cut from conveyer-belt rubber sheeting (very hard wearing and easy to clean).

Front view

Front view showing the round headlights, round-nose and cooper stripes.

sound system

Custom designed 12" ported sub-woofer enclosure peering through behind the rear seat. This was hidden by the rear seat which was made from foam.

Iso view

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