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Other projects

Here are several other projects I have worked on. Some have been completed purely out of interest, and some out of hobby, and some necessity. Whatever their initial intention may have been, I hope you find them interesting. Feel free to contact me if you wish to inquire further about any of them.

xt500 thumb
Fixing up a Yamaha XT500 from 1985

I bought this motorcycle to use for commuting around town. It is mechanically sound, all that is required is several aesthetic modifications, minor bodywork, and new graphics. Photos of the restoration/customisation process will be updated periodically.

knife bottle opener
Knife Bottle Opener

I have included this here as it is more of a modification than a design. I modified a folding knife, to be able to open beer bottles. I cherished this knife and lost it somewhere. Note: I do not encourage drinking whilst using a knife.

mcgb beer
MCGB beer

This is a hobby project between myself and two fellow beer drinkers. We experiment with home brewed beer and all that goes with it. Some kit beers, and some traditional beers. 

Restoration of old Austin mini

Whilst in my final year of high school, I purchased an old Austin mini for a very small amount. This was my first motorcar, and the first big project I undertook.

suzuki t500 thumb
Restoration of 1976 Suzuki T500 Titan

I purchased an old Suzuki motorcycle, a T500 from 1976, and restored it myself. This entailed mechanical work, bodywork, and aesthetic styling. The purchased motorcycle was an eye-sore and not running. The outcome is a desirable motorcycle with simple colours and graphics.

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