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Computer Speaker

As a university project I was required to design a PC speaker set for either low, medium, or high price bracket. These speakers were to house internal components from an existing purchased speaker. The master speaker (the speaker containing the controls) was to be a working prototype, with the slave to be left untouched. This was to allow the comparison of the design aspects between the existing and designed speaker.



The final design takes the sample speaker, and cuts down production cost by using only 2 moulded parts in the design, eliminating the speaker cover and cutting down fasteners from 4 down to 3. Its value is increased by more attractive visual styling, as well as including an innovative standing option, as the speaker can either rock slightly on the curved foot, or sit flat on the rear flat. The PC Speakers will be suited to retail at R40.

Final speaker design on the left, purchased speaker on the right

The final design was grown from the CAD models using a rapid prototyping technology called Fused Deposition Modeling. This grows the parts using a molten filament of ABS plastic. After parts were grown they were sealed, smoothed and sprayed to match the intended colours: High gloss black, and metallic silver.

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