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Pencil Block 2

Pencilblock2 with superimpsed pensils

This is a re-take of one of my previous designs which is a desktop organiser which I created from a discarded block of wood found in the workshop, into which holes were drilled. The new design is similar in form and dimension to the initial pencilblock, however the material from which the desktop organiser is created is different. It is created from many laser cut profiles cut from discarded cardboard packaging bonded together to form a solid block.


Single pencilblock

The cardboard packaging utilised in this design was once utilised for freighting Heineken beer from Holland to South Africa. Most of the packaging was covered with vivid three colour print of the Heineken branding, which at first glance is attractive and visually striking. Once the beer reached the liquor store, the packaging was then set aside, ready for disposal. Through the re-implementation of this waste material, with a manufacturing process which manipulates the material rather than recycling the material, a usable product is created which effectively solves the problem of a cluttered desktop.

Flatpattern of Heineken packaging


lasercut profiles of cardboard



closup of cardboard profiles

three graphic variations

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