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Salad Servers

This salad server set was designed as a university project and was submitted to the Carrol Boyes METAL competition in 2007 (the article in the UJ newsletter). It was chosen to be part of the travelling exhibition and was on display throughout South Africa. The design consists of two separate salad servers which can be used separately,  as well as linked together to form a serving spoon. It was to be cast out of metal and sandblasted or polished to the desired finish. The prototype seen in the photographs however, is not made out of metal. It is made out of heat formed ABS plastic, shaped, sanded, and sprayed using a matte metallic automotive paint.


separated salas servers

The tangs or fingers interlock to create the closed serving spoon. Although there is no fastening mechanism in the handle part, the flat faces which contact each other allow for both handles to be held together without creating discomfort.

interlocked servers
Interlocked salad servers

 underside view
Underside view of the interlocked salad servers

servers in cardboard box
The cardboard box in which the servers were packed and submitted to the Carrol Boyes competition.

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