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Restoration of 1976 Suzuki T500 Titan

restored t500

I purchased an old Suzuki motorcycle, a T500 from 1976. It was Suzuki's largest two-stroke ever produced. It required lots of attention and was not mechanically functioning. This was done out of interest and a love for working with my hands and being in the garage with a beer. It required a complete strip-down, spares to be purchased. Several spares had to be adapted from other motorcycles as production of the T500 was discontinued in 1977, making it practically impossible to find any spares. This motorcycle was restored to a point where only wiring was to be completed, thereafter it was sold.


during the rebuild 1
During the rebuild, Fuel tank stripped

Almost completely stripped
Entire bike almost completely stripped

body parts ready for respray
Body parts ready to be resprayed

frame stripped and cleaned
Frame stripped and cleaned, and ready to be resprayed

all parts primered
All parts primered

partrs with scooters
Primered parts with final touch-ups, standing with wooden scooters

mechanical attention
Engine was opened and checked whether or not any parts needed to be replace. notice the kick-start shaft protruding (bottom right). This needed to be repaired by a specialist engineering company

finished spraying
Vinyl graphics were designed in the computer, cut and applied to the body parts once the painting was complete

assembly of components
Assembly of components. Mag-wheels were restored professionally, as well as the front forks

finished bike
Finished bike. All that was required was re-wiring

finished bike
Finished bike

complete bike
Finished bike

The majority of the work done on this bike was done by myself, in my garage. This included all stripping, bodywork, mechanical work on the engine. Sand blasting of several components, polishing of cylinders. Body shaping and fillering on fuel tank, spraying of all components, design of the vinyl graphics, application of graphics, adaption of several non standard components to fit onto the motorcycle. This was conducted over a 2 year span and the motorcycle was sold thereafter. I hope to do this again with another classic motorcycle- possibly a Royal Enfield. I choose this motorcycle due to the fact that all spares for the Enfield are available. This is not the case with the Suzuki T500 as manufacture of the motorcycle was ceased in 1977, making it practically impossible to find spares.

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